Rhizotomy Treatment


Radio Frequency Rhizotomy Information

What is Rhizotomy (RF)?

Normal: Radio frequency rhizotomy or lesioning is a therapeutic procedure designed to decrease symptoms arising from facet joints and or sacroiliac joint arthritis.The procedure involves destroying the nerves called Medial branches that supply the facet joints and SI joints with the sensory that registers pain. This is done by a special needle and by a radio frequency machine. Once these nerves are destroyed, the communicatin link between the joints and the brain can be broken and pain reduced significantly. Numbing medicine is used prior to the nerve destruction to allay pain. This procedure will be done in the office under X-ray equipment.

Preliminary Testing

Normal: Before any RF procedure can be performed, it is vital to determine the actual source of the pain. This can be done by injecting a small quantity of local anesthetics onto the Medical branches. If pain relief is deemed to be good, even though the relief may be very transient after the testing injections, you may be considered a candidate for this procedure.

What to expect during the procedure?

Normal: Your doctor will perform the placement of a special needle using X-ray imaging. The area to be worked on will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution. Special testing will take place to ensure that the needles are properly positioned and therefore it is very important at this point in the procedure that you are alert and able to communicate with your doctor. Stimulation of the nerve to be lesioned documents good placement of the needle, as you will feel a pressure, burning, or tingling sensation confined to your back and or hip. If you feel the stimulation going into your leg, the needle will be re-positioned to achieve the proper response. Once this has been done, a small amount of local anesthetic is passed through the needle to numb the nerve and the RF procedure is started and will last from 60-90 seconds for each nerve. Your doctor will discuss more on it with you prior to the procedure. This procedure is reserved for stubborn arthritic spinal pain.

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