Non-Surgical Treatment


What are your options for back pain?
Home exercise, Medications, Nerve blocks, Acupuncture, Biofeedback etc.

How does "nerve block" work?
Nerve block means the injection of certain medication at the problem site in the body. The medication helps heal the swelling, thus reducing the pain, restriction of range of motion. i.e. treating the root of the problem (inflammation)....and NOT masking it.

Why would I avoid spinal surgery? Why would I consider non-surgical treatment over the spinal surgery? 

Spinal surgery is indicated only when traditional conservative treatment fails. Spinal surgery is known to cause scar tissue in the spine, around the nerve which could cause worse pain than the original one. And unfortunately it is irreversible. I normally recommend that my patients get a second opinion for spinal surgery prior to having it done.

Does herniated disc always require back or neck surgery?
No. 9 out of 10 herniated discs heal with conservative, non-surgical treatment.

What medication is being used for "nerve block"?
Normally cortisone is being used with numbing medication to treat the problem.

Is cortisone (steroids) bad for you? 

Yes, excessive use of steroid is bad. Limited amounts of steroid use to improve the quality of life is acceptable. Continuous oral steroid and cortisone could cause many of side effects.