Physical Therapy


As we know, injuries (car accident, falls, occupational injuries) and stress (injury from daily activities) cause inflammation in swelling of the tissue. Then either it heals without problems or it could lead to pain and wasting of the tissue with weakening of the body part. If left untreated, the problem usually gets worse with time and may cause irreversible damage. Consultation with an appropriate doctor in a timely manner could prevent this domino effect.

Physical therapy with a prescribed home exercise program is an integral part of pain management. Physical Therapy has mainly two purposes : (1) to help heal the pain causing by inflamed and wasted tissue and (2) restoration of the normal function of the injured or wasted body area. There are several types of physical therapy modalities, (1) passive therapy like TENS, SMP, Massage etc, (2) Active therapy, i.e. tred mill, Stationary bicycle, range of motion exercise etc, and (3) Aquatic therapy, i. e. therapy in water. It is crucial that the patient get the right therapy at the right time. When the patient has severe pain with acute inflammation, certain kinds of therapy modalities usually aggravate the pain symptoms. The inflammation needs to be controlled aggressively either by medication and or by time and or by "nerve blocks" in severe cases prior to initiating the therapy. Even one type of pain symptom will require a different type of physical therapy at different times of the healing course. This is the reason therapy should be done under direct supervision of the doctor to gain the maximum benefit out of it and avoid re-injury.

Advanced Pain Clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment to provide full a range of Physical therapy right under one roof, starting mid 2006, under direct supervision of the doctor to help improve your pain. The Clinic also plans to offer access to the Wellness center after hours to all the patients to keep their pain away and help keep them healthy.

If the right treatment is done at the right time for your pinched nerve, the chances for spinal surgeries diminish tremendously. The Clinic is committed to make this happen for its patients.