Pain Management


The word "Pain Management" with formal recognition and treatment for chronic pain came in the early 50s. It remained under developed and unrecognized for a long time there after. Untreated or under treated pain could cause Billions of Dollars in lost revenue for businesses and devastating psychological, social, monetary, marital, etc. consequences. With time, the western world realized the importance of treating the chronic pain effectively to avoid these consequences. As a result, many Pain Societies have been formed in the last few years. Appropriate qualification for the practitioner and standardization to practice Pain Management came to light recently by Pain Board, known as the American Board of Pain Medicine. "Pain" is recognized as the fifth vital sign by the American Medical Association lately. Pain Management is being practiced by many practitioners, mostly as part time for side income. I recommend that patients consult doctors who practice Pain Management as full time Pain Management doctors with set qualifications and experience. A full time Pain Management doctor with experience in the field would recognize the problem fully and would offer variety of treatment options for your pain conditions.

The common Pain Conditions being treated in the Pain Clinic are: Bursitis of joints, Migraineous Headache, Diabetic Neuropathy, RSD, Neuropathic pain, Chronic Pancreatitis, Small joint arthritis, Chronic facial pain, Chronic Pelvic pain, Tendonitis, Back and Neck pain due to arthritis, Scar tissue related pain in back & neck from previous surgeries. Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain , Elbow Pain ,Wrist Pain ,Carpal Tunnel, Arthritic Pains, Back Pain , Disc Problems , Sciatica , Knee Pain , Foot & Ankle Pain, Arthritis, Bowel problems,Back and joint pains , Pinched nerve, Spinal Stenosis.