Advance Pain Treatment


Dr Rajyaguru offers the following treatment modalities in operating rooms to treat certain pain conditions:

(1) Morphine pump implantation: This may be the treatment of choice for the patient who has failed all other conservative modalities. It is done in the Hospital operating room under anesthesia. This is a highly sophisticated treatment, requiring lots of commitment by the patient and doctor. It is considered invasive treatment and is reserved for stubborn pain in selected patients. Dr. Rajyaguru has been implanting and managing the pumps for years. It requires trial Morphine infusion prior to the implant to assess the efficacy of the treatment. More information could be obtained by visiting

(2) Spinal Cord Stimulator surgery treatment: Also known as Dorsal Column Stimulator treatment. This is implantation of a stimulator system in the spine to treat intractable nerve pain. The pain could be from nerve damage, previous spinal surgery, neuropathic pain, Shingles pain, pain from various nerve disease etc. This treatment is reserved for unresponsive pain from the other conservative modalities. Testing is done prior to implantation of the system. More information could be obtained by visiting

(3) Lysis of Adhesion treatment: This is not a surgery, however, it is done in the operating room, under anesthesia. This treatment is offered to the patient who has scar tissue formation after spinal surgeries. A special catheter is being used to break down the scar tissue and certain medications are injected to reduce the intraspinal inflammation. It is believed to be more effective then traditional "nerve blocks".

(4) Celiac Plexus block: It is done in the operating room under anesthesia to treat pain resulting from chronic Pancreatitis. This is a nerve block for chronic abdominal pain.

The Clinic offers the following treatment options to help improve your pain conditions:

  • Thorough evaluation.
  • Appropriate testing etc to come to the right diagnosis.
  • Formulation of treatment options, including appropriate Medications, Physical therapy, Nerve Block, Trasforaminal Nerve root Injections, Epidural Injections, as medically indicated by your specific pain condition.
  • Identification and appropriate guidance for potential drug abuse and psychological dependence.

The other sophisticated treatments offered in the clinic are:

  • Rhizotomy (Deadening of the nerve) to treat chronic intractable joint pain in spinal area and spinal headache.
  • Botox treatment for the chronic intractable headache.
  • Trigeminal nerve block for chronic facial pain.
  • Intraarticular joint injections for osteoarthitis pain in knees.
  • Celiac plexus block